Grace Hamilton

Director, Communications + Business Development


Grace is an experienced communicator with expertise in building messaging platforms for hyper growth startup executives and political campaigns alike. In her time at Compass, the real estate technology company, Grace devised messaging strategy for company leaders, real estate agents, growth teams, and marquee initiatives, including the company's expansion to 10 new U.S. markets. Grace “wrote the book” on the company’s approach to a variety of internal and external communications challenges, including announcing new markets, mergers and acquisitions, and senior leadership hires, in turn building the foundation for the company’s strategic communication function.


Prior to Compass, Grace cut her teeth on the 2016 presidential campaign, serving as press assistant to the Hillary for America Ohio communications team where she supported the campaigns’ local media efforts, briefing campaign surrogates on the campaign’s daily message priorities, and writing talking points and briefing memos accordingly. Knowing full well that the 2018 midterm election was too important to sit out, Grace got back in the fight, driving a 9,323 mile loop around the country to volunteer for democrats in 28 competitive house districts. Her trip brought her as far east Bow, N.H., and as south as Fort Worth, TX. The trip started and ended in her home district of WA-08 outside of Seattle, which is now represented by a democrat for the first time in the history of the district. You can read more about Grace’s trip in The New York Times here.


Grace is passionate about helping people, causes, and organizations tell their story to and inspire action among their target audience, and the world, with authenticity and compassion. Grace received a Bachelor's degree in PR & Strategic Communications with a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies from American University in Washington, D.C.